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Table of Contents

Vol. 2, Issue 2 (click here for previous issues of Contact in Context)


Publishers Page

Twelve Years and Counting
H. Paul Shuch ( PDF | HTML )


Mars – No Longer The Red Planet But Rather, The Golden Brown Planet
Barry E. DiGregorio ( PDF | HTML )

Science works through Mars lander life controversy…
David Link ( PDF | HTML )

Research Reports

Have We Got a Message from ETI?: Three Dress Rehearsals for Contact Online
Scarlett Wang ( PDF | HTML )


SETI BOOKSHELF. Review of Science, Society, and the Search for Life in the Universe
Joshua Butcher ( PDF | HTML )

Focus on the Future

After Kardashev: Farewell to Super Civilizations
Zoltan Galantai ( PDF | HTML )

A Third, Complementary, Microwave Search Strategy for SETI
Richard Factor ( PDF | HTML )

Technical Notes


Cylindrical Waveguide Monopole versus Right Hand Circularly Polarized Helix: A Parabolic Antenna Feed Comparison
David M. Ocame ( PDF | HTML )


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