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Table of Contents

Vol. 2, Issue 1 (click here for previous issues of Contact in Context)



Publishers Page: Quantifying Our Ignorance
H. Paul Shuch ( PDF | HTML )



A Portrait of Humanity
Jon Lomberg ( PDF | HTML )

Winning the SETI Olympiad: The Role of the Dedicated Amateur
H. Paul Shuch ( PDF | HTML )


Focus on the Future

Aliens Can Watch 'I Love Lucy'
Lou Scheffer ( PDF | HTML )

Cosmic Irony: SETI Optimism From Catastrophes?
Milan M. Cirkovic ( PDF | HTML )

M87: A Bullís-eye for SETI
Dallas R. Bader (PDF| HTML )


One Hundred Up, 4900 to Go! A Project Argus Update
H. Paul Shuch ( PDF | HTML )




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