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The editors of Contact in Context announced the 2003 winners at the recent SETI League conference (April 25-27, 2003) in Trenton, New Jersey. The winner in the Contact in Context category was a paper entitled "Solar System SETI Using Radio Telescope Arrays" by Bruce Cornet, Ph.D. and Scot L. Stride. At the SETI League's annual banquet, these two co-authors each received a plaque and half of the $500. This year the editors also awarded Honorable Mention (a plaque plus $200) to John R. Rice, Ph.D. for his paper "ET: Come and Gone Unnoticed?" These papers are available free on the Contact in Context website.
The other winner of the Best Ideas Award was a book by British physicist Stephen Webb called "If the universe is teeming with aliens, where is everybody?" In addition, the editors awarded a $200 Honorable Mention to Stephen Dick for his keynote address at last year's SETI League conference and to Chandra Wickramasinghe for his paper published in SearchLites. Details for these three publications can be found in the latest issue of the journal in its SETI BOOKSHELF list of outstanding recent books and papers.

Winners accept their awards at SETICon03. Left to right: Prof. Allen Tough, Ph.D., CIC editor,
Prof. Robert Lodder, Ph.D., CIC editor, Scot L. Stride, and Bruce Cornett, Ph.D.
Press release from the SETI League


Each year, the editors of Contact In Context choose two publications to receive the "Best Ideas Award". The aim is to highlight recent publications that have contributed especially fresh, bold, profound ideas that are valuable to people engaged in the scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Each award consists of a certificate and a check for $500. If the publication has two authors, each of the authors will receive a certificate and $250. If it has more than two authors, they will decide among themselves how the money is to be divided.

Normally one of these is a paper or essay published in Contact in Context during the previous 12 months. The other can be any type of publication at all (such as a book, chapter, journal article, conference paper, journal, web document, or monograph) or it can be any forum for fresh ideas and unfettered thinking (such as a conference or website).

The editors may occasionally choose one or more publications worthy of Honorable Mention. The senior author will receive $200. The Editors reserve the right to present more or fewer than two awards in any given year. The Editors reserve the right to present no award in any given year.

Nominations and self-nominations are welcomed. Send them to Dr. Robert A. Lodder (CIC Editor-in-Chief) at (replace zero with the letter O) and to Dr. Allen Tough (CIC Editor) at

Complete rules are available on the SETI League website.


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